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"It was during this time that the first designed landscapes arose from the contemplation of the miraculous effects of irrigation on a dead world. The area of Mesopotamia known as Babylonia, after the capital Babylon, was threaded with canals used equally for transport and for trade. Uruk was the second city state to arise in the Tigris-Euphrates delta and is described in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh: 'One third of the whole is city, one third is garden, and one third is field, with the precinct of the goddess of Ishtar'”

In the show today I mention the entertaining and excellent TED talk by Devdutt Pattanaik who is an Indian writer, specialising in myths and their relevance in modern times. Look him up on his website here: http://devdutt.com/ and check out his TED talk.

I also mention two books about Inanna. Both are by Betty De Shong Meador who is a retired Jungian analyst who has translated several sacred marriage hymns by Sumerian High Priestess Enheduanna’s poems to the deity Inanna. The two books on my reading list are called Inanna, Lady of Largest Heart: Poems of the Sumerian High Priestess Enheduanna and Uncursing the Dark: Treasures from the Underworld. Both are available through Amazon. 


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Show notes

  • Introduction and the division of labour in the Neolithic period 
  • The evolution of gods and goddesses in Mesopotamia 
  • The myth of the goddess Inanna and the priestess Enheduanna
  • The myth of Anat and Baal
  • The myth of Isis and Osiris 
  • Physical representations of these myths in the landscape
  • The importance of reclaiming and reinterpreting goddess myths



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